Our Goal Is To Push Your Limits.
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Flinn Taekwondo Academy is located in Brisbane North region (Aspley) and has been providing specialist Taekwondo training for over 20 years. With coaches who have won various, state, national and international competitions, you can be assured your training is of the highest quality.

What Do We Teach?

Competition Poomsae

Our Poomsae coaches understand the latest international trends and can teach you what is required to become the best poomsae athlete possible. With FTA’s connections here and overseas, our athletes are engaged with the latest international training methods, which will take your poomsae routines to the next level.

Competition Sparring

Our coaches have won various national and international coaches in Sparring and understand the pressures of performing at the top level.  Our training methods are derived from our international partners and provide our athletes with the best chance of success.

Adult & Children Self Defence

Worried about how you or your child may react if the worst was to happen? Enrol today in one of our Self Defence classes where adults and children alike can learn the latest self defence techniques in order to defend yourself from any situation.

Excercise and Fitness

Would you like to get more excercise into your life? Taekwondo is a very physically demanding sport, which can prepare you for any challenge life will throw at you. Want to train to lose weight, gain muscle or increase your fitness levels? Taekwondo can help with your fitness goals.

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