What We Offer

Flinn Taekwondo Academy offers the below disciplines throughout all our classes.

Self Defence

Learn to Defend Yourself In Any Situation

Hosinsul (Self Defence) allows students to learn how to defend themselves in the unlikely event of being attacked/threatened in a real-life situation. Anti-Bullying strategies learnt in this discipline promotes self-discipline, confidence, and remaining calm in difficult scenarios. Techniques which can be learnt include; Multiple Blocks, Arm and Wrist Locks, Grappling, Throws and Take-Downs. In addition, athletes gain an understanding of all vulnerable points which is used against an attacker when placed under duress.

Competition Sparring

Olympic Competition Style

Flinn Taekwondo Academy specialises in providing customised training techniques in advanced combination kicking techniques in Competitive Sparring. Athletes will learn how to perform multiple kicks in a wide variety of situations, such as counter-attacking, long range and short game combinations. All participants wear protective equipment to ensure a safe training environment and prevent injury whilst engaging in hard-in-hand combat. The introduction of electronic chest and head guard sensors provides students with an exciting and fast-paced sparring experience which can be enjoyed by all ages

Competition Poomsae

Master The Craft Of Poomsae

Poomsae, is a method of solo training where the individual practices and perfects various movements in systematic patterns, using techniques against imaginary opponents. In this way, the Taekwondo practitioner is able to apply his technical knowledge and develop speed, power, balance, grace, and rhythm in the execution of these techniques in various combinations. Because Poomsae is practised without a partner, the individual is able to be totally immersed, concentrating solely on his/her own performance, without the distraction of having to adjust for a partner.